Las Vegas Wedding Photographer | Jamie Y Photography

If you’re looking to hire a Las Vegas wedding photographer, there are several questions you should ask. These questions will enable you to hire the most qualified Las Vegas wedding photographer that will exceed your expectations. Of course, there will be additional questions that come to mind. However, these are a few of the most important factors to discuss with your future Las Vegas wedding photographer.

Las Vegas Wedding Photography

What is your level of experience?

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a Las Vegas wedding photographer is their level of experience. In the days of social media, it is possible to participate in many styled shoots. This gives the photographer the look of having much experience under their belt, however, it is not real-world experience.

The wedding day is very busy. You need to be certain that your Las Vegas wedding photographer is fully equipped to handle such a day. You may ask your Las Vegas wedding photographer how many years they have been practicing wedding photography. It is also wise to ask how many weddings they shoot each year. It is also wise to ask if weddings are their specialty or just one of several areas they “specialize” in.

Can I see some of your most recent work?

When you first visit a Las Vegas wedding photographer website, you are likely to see several images that are displayed. These are similar to a “demo reel” and display some of their best work. In some cases, these photos could be several years old. Both the equipment and style of many Las Vegas wedding photographers constantly change. Because of this, it is important to look at some of their most recent work. Doing so will guarantee that you appreciate their current photography style.

Have you shot photos at my specific wedding location?

Although having experience at your wedding venue shouldn’t be a requirement for your photographer, it may be an added benefit. A photographer that has shot at your location previously will know of the best places to take photos.

If your photographer hasn’t visited your venue, ask them if they will plan a visit prior to the wedding day. Many photographers will simply arrive a few hours early on the wedding day. This is so that they can familiarize themselves with both the venue and the staff.

What exactly does your wedding package include?

Each Las Vegas wedding photographer will offer a unique wedding package. It is important to clarify what that package includes. Some cover the rehearsal dinner, some do not. Some photographers will stay until the bride and groom leave the reception, others will not. It is important to discuss the wedding package and your expectations in depth to avoid confusion on the wedding day.

How soon after the wedding will I receive my pictures?

Many couples are anxious to see the photos their Las Vegas wedding photographer captured during their big day. If you are getting married during peak wedding season, understand that the editing process may take a bit longer than expected. It is important to ask for an estimated timeframe before the day of the wedding. Doing so will ensure that both parties are in agreement. It is also wise to ask about the process of printing the pictures and how you will receive them. Many photographers now send their completed photo gallery through a website so that you have access as soon as they complete their editing work.

Your wedding photographer will play a huge part in how the memories of your wedding are preserved. It is important to consider these pertinent questions, as well as others that arise, before choosing a photographer for your big day.

Jamie Y Photography would love to discuss these and other questions with you! You can find more information here.

Las Vegas Elopement Photographer | Jamie Y Photography

If you and your future spouse are planning to elope, you may be wondering if it is important to hire a Las Vegas Elopement Photographer. As with a traditional wedding, there are several reasons why it’s important to hire a professional Las Vegas elopement photographer to capture your special day.

Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

Your wedding day should be documented!

Even though you are opting for a less traditional elopement, the memories are ones that should be cherished. Your wedding day will only happen once, your Las Vegas elopement photographer will assist you in saving those memories to look back on in the years ahead.

You should have high-quality pictures to display.

Many couples wish to display the memories from their wedding day around their home. Simply put, iPhone photography just doesn’t look as nice on a large canvas.

Professional photos are great for sharing!

By choosing an elopement, many family members, as well as close friends, are left out of your wedding day celebrations. Hiring a Las Vegas elopement photographer will allow you to share those special memories with them, helping them to feel like they were part of the celebration. You can find more ways to share the news with your family & friends here.

Capture unique photo opportunities.

Most elopements take place in a unique location. This provides for many unique photo opportunities in beautiful locations. Even if you don’t decide to capture traditional wedding photos, your Las Vegas elopement photographer will suggest fun ways to capture the day.

Save money by hiring a Las Vegas elopement photographer!

By hiring a professional Las Vegas elopement photographer, you will save money. Many elopement photographers have specific rates based on the shorter amount of time required for this type of wedding. A traditional wedding photographer may still charge their wedding rate even though they are working for a shorter period of time.

Photos are forever.

Your wedding photos are one aspect of your elopement that will last forever!

Create a stress-free day!

You should be able to fully enjoy your big day without the stress of remembering what photos you want to have taken. A Las Vegas elopement photographer will help reduce any potential stress during your elopement.

Use for a wedding announcement.

Many couples who choose to elope decide to mail an official marriage announcement to both family and close friends. This eliminates the possibility of your cousin’s college roommate learning of your new marriage through Facebook before your aunt does.

They know the rules!

A professional Las Vegas elopement photographer knows the area. If you are planning to elope to either a mountain or other outdoor location, your photographer will be able to inform you of any rules and regulations that apply to your location. This eliminates any potential problems that could arise and ruin your special day.

True adventurers at heart.

Las Vegas elopement photographer is a true adventurer at heart. Because of this, they will be willing to traipse up a mountain with you or take that tiny little trail to get some neat shots. Often, a traditional wedding photographer would be neither willing nor prepared to do this.

Find information on Las Vegas elopement photographer, Jamie Y Photography, here.

Equipment for Dallas Playgrounds | Edumarking USA

Does your school, daycare, church, or business need a new playground or a refresh? Check out EduMarking for lasting impressions.

Dallas Playground Equipment

A Dallas playground is full of limitless potential, where countless memories are made every single day. Kids will transform these spaces into entirely new worlds sparked by their creativity and imaginations. Playgrounds are where kids play games, learn teamwork, and develop social skills. They are the practice grounds of our future Olympians.

At EduMarking USA in the Dallas area, we also see the limitless potential of playgrounds, and because of our belief that there is always a better way of doing things, we look at playgrounds as more than just games or courts on your blacktop. Instead, we look at playgrounds as a way to create more confident kids through play and interaction. As a result, we have created the only interactive and durable playground surface that lasts and creates engaging learning opportunities for children and their teachers.

Dallas Playground Equipment Games for Limitless Learning

Our unique, bright, colorful, and durable playground designs are ideal for:

  • Dallas School Playgrounds
  • Dallas Church Playgrounds
  • Dallas Daycare Playgrounds
  • Dallas Park Playgrounds
  • Dallas Playground Equipment

Basically, anywhere kids play and have fun – with Dallas Playground Equipment

Our Dallas playground learning experiences use specific designs to create higher performing kids through:

  • Inspiring Educational Fun – take the classroom outside with maps and number tables so kids can learn while at play
  • Advocating Physical Fitness – courts for tennis, basketball, net ball and more encourage kids to stay fit with activities they enjoy
  • Driving Creativity – our designs inspire kids to make up their own games and rules using their imaginations
  • Teaching Teamwork – kids learn to collaborate with one another by playing games
  • Developing Social Skills – playground interactions between kids help them learn valuable interpersonal skills they’ll need throughout life

These skills are all part of building up and inspiring children. Through interactive play, they become stronger, healthier, and well-rounded students. All this leads to more confidence in their everyday life, which they carry with them as they grow.

Standout as a Learning Destination

Our designs help make your playground a learning destination, so students remain engaged in learning outside the classroom while at play. Our designs and playground surface can help you stand out and attract families while providing a safe and interactive environment for students.

We will work with you to create the right playground environment and experience. In fact, we can create custom designs to tailor the learning experience around your enrichment goals.

Durable. Safe. Vibrant.

Our Thermoplastic Playground Surface is strong and durable, standing up to kids and nature. Our exclusive surface technology is non-slip, so kids stay safe even when they are running, skipping, or jumping. As the designs are under the surface, there is no washing away due to rain, sleet, or snow.

Free play inspires teamwork and leadership. Encouraging children to create their own games and rules using the Hopscotch board, or any other game can be a good way to advance their math skills, physical fitness skills, and so much more as they perfect the game or get older. The Dallas Playground Equipment remains vibrant and engaging for years to come.

Dallas Playground Equipment | Edumarking USA

Edumarking USA is the best playground designer company in the Dallas area and we specialize in the best Dallas Playground Equipment. Our solid team of experts shines at creating environments that are durable, safe, friendly, interactive, and engaging. Are you looking to build a new park? What about upgrading your neighborhoods friendly gathering place? If so, you have come to the right place.

Playground Equipment Dallas

Parks are some of the most important gathering places in every city and neighborhood. More than just designing Dallas playgrounds, we prioritize in creating Dallas Playground Equipment that is the best in the industry. One of the main purposes in our vision is to give neighborhoods in the Dallas city area a place that families and friends can trust to bring their kids to have the proper Dallas Playground Equipment to build relationships on. Whether its monkey bars, slides, platforms, swings, or tunnels, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed when it comes to our creative and custom Dallas Playground Equipment. Here is why you should consider tasking us with the opportunity of building your park:


Fun is what you think about when you think about parks. Anytime a child asks to go to their neighborhood park, they are wanting an opportunity to have fun. We are here to provide you with that fun. Our Dallas Playground Equipment is not only safe and durable, but the most fun you can have at a park. Our equipment has proven to produce synergetic fun, energy, and interaction with others. Parks are not meant to be experienced alone. Edumarking USA knows how to design the proper park for all of the fun you can ask for.


No one likes a park that is falling apart, dirty, or unsafe. Our Dallas Playground Equipment is designed to bring pleasant experiences for every child in every neighborhood and every city. Our equipment is designed to be the safest equipment a park can ask for. Our durable equipment can last years before ever needing repair, and this guarantees a longer lifespan for your pleasant experiences. Trust us here at Edumarking USA that we will not let you down.


Second to having strong and safe equipment is having beautifully designed elements in our parks. We have been rated to have some of the most colorful, beautiful, and creative Dallas Playground Equipment. No one loves an ugly park, and we are here to provide something worth looking at. Our monkey bars, slides, swings, structures, services and more are all designed thoroughly and creatively. We make that each designed considers its neighborhood and city. We want to design the park that you want to be at. Designing parks takes more than just making durable equipment, but it also takes designing intentional visual aesthetics that is pleasing to the eye.

Edumarking USA is known for having the best parks in the Dallas City area and the best Dallas Playground Equipment in the region. We take pride in what we do and our goal is for you to take pride in your neighborhood and city park. We desire to build parks according to your needs and wants. We would never design something that didn’t belong in your neighborhood. Because of this intentionality, you can trust us here at Edumarking USA.

2019 Playground Trends | Edumarking USA

When my family travels, I often love taking my kids to city parks to explore the eclectic playgrounds that each city has to offer. It is a fun time of exploring different cultures and different playground trends. With this in mind, I did some research on what the top 2019 playground trends were so we could know what to expect when we visited.Top Playground Trends

So what are the top 2019 playground trends? Many playground trends are focussing on: inclusive design, thematic design, new playground technologies, musical elements, and sustainability. 

I found this to be true in our park explorations and here are some reasons I love these 2019 playground trends:


We love to teach our kids about playing with others, especially kids that are different than them. We once lived in New York City and went to parks every day. These parks were some of the most creative and inclusive park that we had ever seen. During these experiences, my kids got a chance to play with many kids of different ethnicities, religions, and even economic levels. It was a real bonding and relational building time where they made friends that they would meet at the park weekly.

Learning to play together has become a philosophy that we have adopted into our family. We appreciate any park that puts this message forward, especially in their inclusive design. We believe parks are about building community, teaching kids h0w to play together, and teaching kids how to learn from others different than them.

When parks design playgrounds that are inclusive, this often means that the arrangement of play areas have activities that are designed with the intention of two to four kids engaging in that particular activity. These activities can be anywhere from seesaws to body size checkers, and even more. Inclusive design truly provides communal activity and we are happy to find this as one of the top 2019 playground trends today.


When we have encountered thematic parks, we have seen them center around categories such as: pirates, cowboys, spaceships, aliens, or even specific countries. We have also seen playgrounds centered around specific children’s TV characters such as: Spongebob, Dora the Explorer, and even Transformers. And lastly, we have seen thematic parks designed around the seasons of the year: winter, spring, fall, and summer. This type of thought and intentionality is not put into every park, but the parks and playgrounds that emphasize this standout as monumental places for children and cultivates their imagination.

Every time my children have left parks like these, they have never forgotten them. They are often asking when they can visit the Transformers park or the cowboys park again. Memories are more valuable than materials. We are always looking for the next experience to have with our kids and we are lucky if we find a new amazing park centered around a cool unique theme. We want to take every chance to encourage imagination.


People are always waiting for the future to arrive, but the future is now! Playgrounds with new technology inspires innovation and captures where we are in present time with new innovative design. Jump roping and swinging just doesn’t cut it anymore for our children who are growing up with technology. While we should always encourage less media and more outdoor play, creating activities in playgrounds that can keep up with the stimuli is also important. There is a trend of more playgrounds utilizing technological designs and they are a hit.

There are also new technologies that bring in the use of interactive sounds, visuals, and even use the tool of smartphones and tablets for engaging in park activities. Using technology as a tool for playground creation inspires innovation and stimulating imagination for our children. As parents, we encourage less media and more outdoors, but do not frown upon using technology in a positive way for interactive and inclusive play. This has definitely been a strong trend that we have seen amongst playgrounds in our travels, and we give it a big thumbs up.


As more and more schools are starting to cut music programs and the arts, it is a brilliant concept to bring such musical elements and artistic crafting to neighborhood parks. Re-introducing musical elements in nature is a highly positive interaction for children at parks. We have seen anywhere from giant pianos that you can stomp on with your feet to xylophones where the kids can enter into a musical melody together. This has been a major trend bringing kids of all different backgrounds together with different musical styles.

It has been proven time and time again that music is one of the main things that brings people together. Musical elements encourage creativity, and while our kids are out in nature playing with other children, this is the proper place for discovering the inner artist. From singing to dancing, music is a powerful tool that can help our playgrounds engage in creativity, culture, and community for kids of all ages.


One of our favorite trends that we have seen and researched is the sustainable initiative that most parks and playgrounds are taking. Parks are using environmentally friendly products in their playground construction, and are even encouraging recycling on their properties. Have you ever been to a dirty or nasty playground that is full of trash and not clean? This is the last place that encourages beauty, friendship, and fun.

When parks and playgrounds put a high emphasis on sustainability, this not only teaches our kids to clean up after themselves, but also teaches them to take better care of our earth. Sustainability teaches responsibility, and we as parents need help with this initiative!

Some of the most amazing playground designs are even built using recycled products in their construction. Becoming “green conscious” takes education, demonstration, and practice. As playgrounds continue to utilize this trend, there will be an increase of children who grow up learning to be more conscious about the environment and what it means to take care of the earth as individuals. This is a communal action. We must teach them while they’re young!

The beautiful thing about the 2019 playground trends is that most of them are inclusive, encourage playing together, and cultivate the artistic imagination. As my family continues to travel the country, we are going to continue looking for playgrounds that encompass these trends. We value inclusion, sustainability, innovation in design, and the artistic expression of each child, and we hope you do too. Each child is uniquely different and there is a playground out there for every one of them, and they can share that experience with others and make friends around the country or in their own neighborhoods.


How can you find environmental friendly parks?
All cities offer parks with this feature, but it will take research on your part to find the best ones for you. Here is a list of the 11 best environmental friendly parks in America.

How important is it to get my children active at community parks with playgrounds?
According to the NCBI, playgrounds are specifically created to offer special opportunities for children to play and be physically active. This helps facilitate healthy development for children at an early age.

Why are inclusive parks important for your children?
Teaching your kids to play with others is an important social skill that will go with them into adulthood. Also, learning how to accept others is critical in a time where bullying and violence is rapid amongst youth. Playgrounds are opportunities to create safe spaces for children to learn that everyone is equal and everyone belongs together on this earth. As parents, we must take responsibility and take the first step by bringing our kids to a place where they can learn to see others and learn to love.

What if your neighborhood parks don’t offer these trends?
Get involved! There is always an opportunity for parents to get involved, write petitions, or start initiatives. You can take matters into your own hands and create the park you want to see for your neighborhood or city. Start today!

Dallas Playground Games | Edumarking USA

At Edumarking USA, our professional team specializes in designing the best, top of the line playgrounds across the Dallas area to produce to best Dallas Playground Games. Whether you are looking to enhance your neighborhood and city, or simply upgrade your community park, Edumarking USA is for you.

Playground Games Dallas

More than just designing Dallas playgrounds, we specifically focus on creating Dallas Playground Games that produce community, relationships, team work, and education. When it comes to the future of Dallas Playground Games, we are the right people for the job. Your neighborhood or Dallas City playground often determines the communal culture of that area and we believe this is an opportunity for growth. Here are some reasons you should consider Edumarking USA for Dallas Playground Games cultivation and curation:


Games are what bring people and children together. Games are the backbone of fun. For Dallas Playground Games we focus on creating interactive opportunities, engaging experiences, and durable environments where fun can take place. We create the best culture for games such as tag, hopscotch, Four Square, Red Rover, Duck Duck Goose, and more! Our biggest focus in Dallas Playground Games is creating opportunities for interaction with different children that would never meet otherwise. We believe in creating neighborhood and city community through this means.


Neighborhood and city playgrounds are the right place to have some of the most memorable experiences. Here at Edumarking USA, we prioritize in engaging experiences for Dallas Playground Games. We believe experiences shape our lives and core. Memories last with us longer than any material possession. You will be surprised at what our playgrounds can give to your community. We not only have the best designers creating the right playgrounds for community, but also the right Dallas Playground Games that will change the lives of children and children to come.


We not only design beautiful playgrounds, but we also make the most durable environments that create a safe place to have fun and experience Dallas Playground Games. Durability that lasts through a lifetime is our goal when we design the right playground for you, your neighborhood, and your city. This is the biggest question that is asked about Edumarking USA’s playgrounds. We can answer with confidence that our playgrounds are the most durable ones in Dallas made for the best experience with Dallas Playground Games.

If you are ready for a new or upgraded playground for your neighborhood, city, and your children, don’t hesitate to work with us here at Edumarking USA. We promise to design the most beautiful playground that has the most durable environment, provides the right atmosphere for engaging experiences, and offers interactive opportunities with Dallas Playground Games.

We are here to design the playground according to your community’s desires, wants, and needs. We believe that what we bring to the table can change the culture of your city, neighborhood, and your children. If you would like to learn more, ask questions, or hire us immediately, we are here ready to serve you and your city.

Dallas Playground Companies | Edumarking USA

Playgrounds are changing. They are becoming innovative and offer new and exciting ways for children to be entertained and educated at the same time.

Conventional playground planning is a thing of the past. Now, Dallas playground companies like Edumarking USA are taking the lead in constructing playgrounds that are truly different.

Playground Companies Dallas

Flexibility in playground planning and execution is paramount and allows Dallas playground companies to align the school’s requirements with a playground that is budget friendly and highly functional.

Constructing the right playground isn’t difficult with a realistic budget in mind that also allows for sufficient playground construction. But this doesn’t mean that schools cannot afford to construct a useful and economical playground. Building a safe and low-cost playground for young children will be realistic and functional plan; however, you must have the resources in place that are required for development. Youngsters will appreciate your efforts once you build a playground where they will play and learn.

Constructing the right correctly priced playground will involve certain things including the needed components to create the playground. Unfortunately, there are many forms of playground construction that do not always succeed. It is important to know what has typically worked and what has not.

How much time does your child spend in a playground? According to some research studies, children need to spend at least 60 minutes in a dynamic playground environment.

Play Diversity

An assorted quality of play is vital to empower the physical, intellectual, and social development that can be fostered from inside a play area. Numerous types of exercise with differing types of play keep kids intrigued and promotes physical activity. The physical play pieces with swings, slides, and climbers can be supplemented with social playhouses, covers, talk tubes and intellectual play topics, boards and sand play. Assorted qualities of new and innovative play pieces can also work very well.

Nature Experience

Access to the native habitat enhances kids’ psychological and social advancement and makes for more mind enhancing play. Nature can be added to a play area with scene beds, logs, shakes or trees. Local and non-local plants can both be utilized to make more intricate and fascinating play spaces that can supplement a more standard play structure or be the characterizing subject of the whole play area.

Moving Playground Equipment Parts

Sand, water, sticks — moveable parts make an additionally intriguing play experience for children as nature movements under their heading. Including moving parts can enhance fine engine expertise advancement, grow innovative play and energize tangible play. Moving parts can incorporate a water splash highlight, sand play range or versatile froth pieces, circles and tubes. Children can push the limits of play outline and creative ability by making their own play with moving parts.

Imaginative Play

Dynamic outdoor playground equipment and other play structures for that matter offer children a chance to have imaginative play. Advancing creative play connects with youngsters’ intellectual aptitudes and makes play more diversion for all ages. Not each play area needs the same components but guaranteeing that play energizes creative ability will make spaces that help everybody discover the feeling of what great play is about.


Skilled Dallas playground companies will assist you with every phase of planning the project and can effectively manage your budget. You will always want to help establish playground plans that are exciting and cost-effective.


Dallas Playground Construction | Edumarking USA

Edumarking USA works with the most professional construction teams to ensure the best Dallas Playground Construction possible. Whether you are looking for a neighborhood upgrade or to enhance your city’s communal engagement, Edumarking USA is the best in the business.Construction Dallas Playground

While designing beautiful playgrounds is really important, having the highest quality Dallas Playground Construction is key to a durable and long-lasting playground that will be in your neighborhood and city for generations to come. You don’t want just anyone constructing the playground facilities for your children. You want to the best in the business that will guarantee safety for your children and all children in your neighborhood.

Here are some things you should know about Dallas Playground Construction what to expect:

Proper Site Due Diligence

Each property has its own unique set of challenges, a unique landscape, and things to consider for the neighborhood as a whole. A professional Dallas Playground Construction worker will plan a proper site due diligence, so they know what they are getting into, and how to best construct the playground.

Poor due diligence can mean a playground’s safety and durability is questionable and could possibly lead to accidents. A  construction worker’s job is to make sure how to properly plan construction and build efficiently.

Experienced Architects

Not anyone can just grab some wood, a hammer, and some nails and start building a playground. Designing a properly planned playground takes a professional and skilled architect who knows how to efficiently prepare and plan a safe construction venture.

This job title takes years of study, experience, and trust. At Edumarking USA, we work with the best architects who will ensure the best playground is designed, built, and established for your neighborhood, city, and children.

Right Sized Playground

After proper site due diligence has been done, an architect has prepared a thorough and durable construction plan, making sure the plan actually fits the landscape will ensure a playground that fits the land perfectly, is durable enough for your children and actually looks good for your neighborhood.

A Dallas Playground Construction plan will ensure this is done right, and we have a reputation of making the best playground sites in the city.

Building Costs Always Spiral

Have you ever been given a quote from a contractor and after they have started the job, they realize the price is going to be much more than expected? This is always the case, but we don’t expect you to suffer for this.

We will include a margin that will cover this expected cost, and the good news is that you get a portion of that money back if it is not all spent. We want to make sure there are no surprises and you always know what to expect with a Dallas Playground Construction plan.

We are here for you and here to make the best Dallas Playground Construction possible. If you would like to learn more, ask questions, or hire us immediately, we are here ready to serve you and your city. Give us a call today.

Tulsa Brain Health | Alina Garbuz

Our society generally has a renewed interest in health, which is all well and good. But what about Tulsa Brain health?

The brain is important to your overall health condition. You should also want to ensure that the active and responsive level of the brain is well maintained. Tulsa Brain Health was formed as a dedicated approach to improved brain health.

The Brain Ages

Tulsa Oklahoma Brain Health

Growing older and learning from your mistakes is a distinct sign that your brain is improving. The brain will typically improve as we learn. In return, it helps you to live a better life. You will live longer and learn new skills that help you to develop a better way of living.

Your brain is always learning. It has also learned a lot from your younger days. All of those skills you acquired helped the brain to remain healthy. As the cliché indicates, practice makes perfect, and as you grow older the more practice you receive. You also hopefully learn how to manage stress because stress will ultimately damage your brain.

In addition, as you grow you become wiser. Your challenges and opportunities, along with making decisions, are all about improving the brain. It helps you to be positive about life and ready for new challenges.

Brain Growth

Your brain works by increasing knowledge and it builds the connecting elements in the bran that help you to function well. Further, you are never too old to learn something new.

As you grow older, keep your connections with your family and friends. The more you stay in contact with your family and friends, the more it contributes to mental acuity. You can learn from them and it will help to maintain your mental sharpness each day that goes by.

Brain and Diet

Your diet is also very important to keep the brain healthy, as you grow older. This is especially where Tulsa Brain Health comes into play. Eat as many colorful fruits and leafy vegetables as you can. Vegetables are known to help your brain to perform and become better. 

Fruits and vegetable are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals along with being low in fat and calories. Antioxidants have proven to benefit us, since it contains vitamins that are known to reduce dying or damaged cells. Eat those blueberries! The color is known to improve short-term memory.


Very few physicians disapprove of taking multivitamins and herb supplements. As you get older, your diet changes by eating less, so make sure that your dosage isn’t going to react with your medications. Vitamins are good to take to replace what you don’t get in your diet but first consult with your doctor to make sure you are taking what you need.

Stress Busters

Stress can take over your life, making it harmful to your body and Tulsa Brain Health. There isn’t any way a person can relieve all stress, but you can decide what can be eliminated and concentrate on what you can do to relieve the rest by bringing pleasure to yourself. It is very important that you do not allow stress to take over your life. Stress can also cause depression as you grow older.

The brain releases stress hormones to help you manage it, but if too many hormones are released it can damage the nerve cells. Depression can set in if the hormones are released too much and fast.

Relieve those stressful elements that cause you distress. Relieving stress isn’t easy for anyone. You have to forget about the things you have no control over and fix the ones you do. Try taking a walk or some other kind of activity to relax. Place some fun into your life and make yourself happy again. This will greatly improve Tulsa Brain Health in the long run.


Tulsa Roof Repair | Blacksmith Roofing

The roof of your home covers the biggest asset that one can own, so it definitely pays off to know the signs that something isn’t quite right with them. Thankfully, when Tulsa Roof Repair is needed, many of the things that show that there is damage are easy to see so you can even spot them from where you are standing on the ground.

A small leak can go unnoticed for years and years, which will cause a ton of damage before you can even detect that any Tulsa Roof Repair is even required! Because of this, it’s a good call to go ahead and make a habit of inspecting the roof of your property regularly.

Tulsa Roofing Repair

Tulsa Roof Repair contractors usually offer free inspections, but even if you do have to pay money out of your pocket, it is definitely worth finding out the problem ahead of time. That being said, below are some of the most normal and easy to spot signs that you need Tulsa Roof Repair:


If you are looking for a leak in your home, it’s a good idea to start by checking out your roof uphill from where the stains are occurring. Look around and see if there is anything penetrating through your roof.

These are definitely the most common reasons for leaks that are found. These kinds of penetrations can be caused by plumbing, roof vents, chimneys, dormers or anything else sticking through your roof. From the inside, check for black marks, mold, water stains, etc.


When working on Tulsa Roof Repair, it’s a good idea to check out your roof for cracked housings on plastic roof vents and broken seams on metal ones.

It is definitely easy to just try and do a quick fix by throwing some kind of sealant on it, but trust me, that will not last very long. Honestly, the only way for a successful Tulsa Roof Repair in this area is to fully replace the damaged vent.


Beware of roof cement! Sometimes when someone does a poor job with a Tulsa Roof Repair, they will just throw this stuff up instead of actually taking the time to do a proper flashing job.

Roof cement will just crack and leak after your Tulsa Roof Repair Contractor has already left with his check. This is something you definitely want to get right from the get-go.


When checking out your place for Tulsa Roof Repair problems, a good thing to check out is your gutter apron. If you have gutters but no apron to keep the water at bay, it will go behind the gutter and that is bad news. This will cause lots of unnecessary Tulsa Roof Repairs. When you are getting new shingles, have your Tulsa Roof Repair Contractor throw in a gutter apron. This is the best time to make the installation.

You will always need to make Tulsa Roof Repair adjustments to your home as long as you have one, but with tips like these, we hope that they won’t have to be so often!