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When should you replace your home’s roof, gutters, and windows?

Wanting to install a new roof, new gutters or new windows? Call us at Blacksmith Roofing and Construction, your Roofing and Construction Tulsa company. With the spring and summer season coming next, you may think it’s too late to begin with outside house repair, nonetheless, depending on your requirements, now may be the right time to call us Roofing and Construction Tulsa.

Tulsa Roofers

How soon you plan on getting a new roof depends on the concerns you are having with your current roof. It is recommended in order to avoid the stress of an unexpected roof replacement to plan ahead for a new roof before it becomes a crucial matter. If your Tulsa roof is at least 20 years old, or you see curled, cracked, or bald spots on your shingles, now is a good time to make a plan for replacing it with Roofing and Construction Tulsa. 

Nonetheless, if you have been repeatedly repairing your roof or experiencing leaks in several areas, then you possibly already have a crucial need for a new roof and may not be able to wait.

Fall is one of the more popular times to call Roofing and Construction Tulsa and have us install a roof. Some roofs need be installed before it gets too cold and the material will not stick to or dry, but keep in mind that “cold” is defined as 40 degrees or lower.

When Should You Replace Your Gutters?

The most cost-effective time to replace your gutters is when you are putting in your new roof. Many roofing companies offer a “bundle” price when you purchase both. 

However, if a newly installed roof is not in your budget, and your gutters are rusted, cracked or bent, you might need to replace the gutters sooner than the roof. Gutters aid the imperative purpose of keeping water runoff from getting under the shingles on the roof, which could decay the sheathing underneath; and away from the foundation and siding of your home.

For this purpose, broken gutters need to be exchanged before the wet season. You might be able to replace certain segments of the gutter, but then again if too much destruction occurs, you will need to install a completely new gutter system to protect your house from possible water damage.

Exchanging The Windows In Your House with Roofing and Construction Tulsa

Windows serve a much bigger purpose than just allowing light into your house. Windows can reduce outside noise; offer insulation; lessening ultraviolet rays that can damage your furniture, rugs, and artwork; and can add to the overall energy efficiency of your home.

If your windows are more than 15 years old, replacing them could make a significant difference in the look and feel of your home. If your windows are difficult to open or close, have moisture, let outside air seep in (when closed), or are cracked, it’s time to replace them.

Windows can be installed year round, as long as it’s not too icy, wet or humid. The timing on installing really depends on how soon you’d like to reap the benefits from the upgrade.


Tulsa Roofing and Construction | Blacksmith Roofing

Our Tulsa roofing and construction team know that roofs can take quite a beating. Because roofs are so exposed to the elements such as rain, snow, wind, hail and even the sun, it is a good idea to invest in this important piece of your home. At Tulsa roofing and construction, we aim to provide you with a weathertight, durable, secure and attractive solution so that you will overcome any negative effects that these various elements could have.

Over the years, the way roofs have been built have been worked on and refined so that strength and durability are some of the main factors. Our Tulsa roofing and construction team aims to use special materials that will provide this for your home. We have a wide variety of materials, prices, colors and other selections that the homeowner is able to choose from on a regular basis. 

Our Favorite Roofing Materials:

Tulsa Roofing and Construction

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular selections for anyone trying to install a new roof. Tulsa roofing and construction use these mainly because they are long lasting, they have fire retardant properties, durable, are easy to install, and come in a wide variety of colors and shapes that would look great on any home. 

Tulsa roofing and construction are reaching out to manufacturers that aren’t just providing the normal 3-tab variety, but a more textured shingle that is thicker that are called architectural shingles. Tulsa roofing and construction believe that these architectural shingles provide the homeowner more options but with the same trusted attributes of asphalt that everyone knows and loves.

Another great option is slate or other stones which give more style and sophistication to your home. Tulsa roofing and construction love slate because it is a non-absorbent, natural solution that holds out for many years while at the same time keeping out water in high fashion. The only problem that Tulsa roofing and construction finds with slate and stone is that it is quite heavy, pricey and much harder to apply than some of the other options. In recent years, there have been slate options created that are a lot lighter and much more affordable than the name brand slate, but the good quality still stands true so that the homeowner can rest easy.

One of Tulsa roofing and constructions favorite materials is wood. This material is an organic solution that when treated properly, will weather well and withstand weather elements for many years. In the past, homeowners were considered that this material would easily catch fire and wanted it to be treated with some kind of fire retardant. Tulsa roofing and construction is grateful that pretreated wooden shingles have been created that pass code with flying colors while also bringing the home the perfect look the homeowner was aiming for.

Ultimately, whatever material you end up choosing, Tulsa roofing and construction will make sure that the installation is done with excellence, so that the homebuyer feels completely safe, and at home, knowing they are completely protected from the elements. For a quote, please contact us via our website. We look forward to choosing shingles with you soon.

Top 10 Reasons To Install A Fence:

Are you looking into building a new fence on your property? If so, you probably have a good reason for doing so. Privacy, hiding a street view, keeping your pets safe, security for your pool or keeping pesky critters out are some of the good reasons, but there are even more things to add that having a fence is great for. Here are the top ten reasons to install a fence for your property.

Top 10 Reasons To Install A Fence:

  1. A Fence Is A Pet Enclosure
  2. A Fence Keeps Out Wind
  3. A Fence Gives You Privacy
  4. A Fence Blocks Street Views
  5. A Fence Keeps Your Home Safe
  6. A Fence Marks Your Property
  7. A Fence Is Pleasing To The Eye
  8. A Fence Increases The Value Of Your Home
  9. A Fence Keeps Out Noise
  10. A Fence Creates A Safe Place For Your Kids

– It Is A Pet Enclosure

Top 10 Reasons To Install A Fence

Do you have a pet that can sometimes get a bit out of control? Maybe a fence is exactly what you need. A few questions to start with when consulting with a fencing contractor are: How high can your pet jump? Do they try to escape every time you open the fence? Depending on how small or large your pet is will determine the adequate fence height. If your pet likes to dig holes, you might want to consider making the fence go a bit underground as well.

– It Keeps Out Wind     

Another great benefit to think about is that a fence can keep out or shield from nasty winds. In order to maintain a great view and keep the light in your space is to choose glass as the primary material. If you don’t have a nice view to maintain, any material with little to no gaps will help keep out wind. It’s a good idea to keep height in mind as well. It needs to be a few feet higher than the highest point where people will be standing.

– It Gives Privacy

When talking with your fencing contractor, a solid reason why you want a fence is to gain more privacy for your home. A good way to achieve this is to have little to no space between the boards of your fence, or a closely spaced lattice with some nice climbing plants to fill in the gaps. Make sure you take some time to measure around your property so you get the optimal height for your enclosure. Any fencing contractor will appreciate these details when helping you construct your privacy wall.

– It Blocks Street Views

If you live in a busy city, suburb or neighborhood and want some peace and quiet, the first place to start is finding the right type of fence. With a fence like this, it might be nice to let some light stream in, so having some gaps between the boards could be a really good thing. Another thing you could do is have a lattice style fence and get some plants to grow upward to fill in some gaps, but still let the light in. Test out some of these options to see which one works best for you and your space.

– It Keeps Your Home Safe 

Security is one of the most important things to consider no matter what part of your home you are working on. A fence is a natural and easy way to protect your home from unwanted intruders. If someone is looking to commit criminal activity, there is a much better chance they will pass by your home if there is a fence that they will need to figure out how to get through. If you have belongings, keepsakes or family that you want to keep safe, installing a fence is the best decision you could make.

– It Marks Your Property 

Land is an important thing. If you have a property with high value and thousands of acres, or even a smaller piece of land, marking where your property starts and ends is a crucial thing. You would be surprised how many disputes and arguments are solved just by having a clear indicator of where someones land starts and ends. If you want to avoid these kinds of situations, installing a fence is the best route to take.

– It’s Pleasing To The Eye 

While a lot of these reasons are mostly practical, it’s nice to know that a fence is able to increase the curb appeal of your home as well! There are numerous varieties of color, material and style of fencing you can choose from to give your home a unique feel that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

– It Increases The Value Of Your Home

Having a fence around your property can almost certainly increase the value of your home. When families are looking for a new home, they recognize all the benefits that a fence offers and that weighs heavily in their decision. It’s a good idea to invest in a fence now so that you know you will have the benefit of the increased value of your home later on.

– It Keeps Out Noise

If you live close to the interstate, close to a major road or you just have noisy neighbors, having a fence can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping the noise level down. If you want to enjoy quiet evenings in your back yard this summer, just install a fence. The thickness of the perimeter and the enclosure that it creates dampens the sounds from outside areas, giving you a nice quiet oasis in a sea of racket.

– Creates A Safe Place For Your Kids 

There is nothing more precious than your kids. Every parent wants their child to be able to play in a safe environment without the risk of any harm whatsoever coming to them. A fence can provide just that. Traffic, strangers, or stray dogs are just some of the things we want to protect our kids from. With a fence, your kids will be able to play as much as they want while you have peace of mind the entire time.

Those are just some of the big reasons we think installing a fence is great, and we hope you found them helpful in your decision-making process. Consult your nearest fencing contractor for more information on how to get started!

Questions To Ask:

What Materials Should I Use?

  • When building a fence, the materials are almost limitless. Some of the options you can choose from are wood, steel, aluminum, vinyl or chain link. The great thing about choosing wood is that it required pretty much no maintenance. It is also available in any height and is able to be painted whatever color you want. This helps a lot with customization for your home.

How Much Will This Cost?

  • With so many roofing contractors out there today, you are definitely able to find someone who can make your vision come to life with the budget that you have for the project. Another option is to actually combine different fencing styles to reduce the overall cost. For instance, you could do a wood fence in the front for aesthetic, and a chain link in the back for the dog.

What Contractor Should I Use?

  • While a lot of your friends may claim they know how to install a fence, this kind of project really does require a professional. They are licensed and certified contractors who are ready and available to handle and face any challenges that might come up throughout the installation process. With years of fencing experience, you would be missing out if you didn’t take advantage of their vast knowledge on the craft of fencing.

Will My Neighbors Mind?

  • Any time you are doing a permanent change on your property, it’s a good idea and common courtesy to inform your neighbor about the installation you will be making. There may be some unforeseen issues that your neighbor can shed light on that would be really helpful to the contractor doing the installation. As a plus, you are able to keep a long-lasting and healthy relationship with them for years to come.


Sponsor | Fence Design In Broken Arrow | Claremore’s Fence

Whether you are about to build a new fence, or you are planning to update the one you already have, it’s good to think of a few things before you head out to purchase supplies and fencing materials. Spending this crucial time of fence design in broken arrow will go a long way in the whole process. Putting the extra effort in ahead of time will also save you a lot of time and even money if done correctly and intentionally. Here are two main tips as you begin your fence design in broken arrow.

Two Fence Design Tips:

  1. Map The Property Clearly 

If you are good at drawing, go ahead and trace out your property and where you want your fence to be built. If you aren’t so good at drawing, you can go online, go to google maps and print an aerial view of your home for free. 

Fence Design in Broken Arrow

From there it is easy to trace with a highlighter or pin the exact layout of your fence design in broken arrow.

If there are any obstacles or barriers in the path of where your fence is going to be, it’s a good idea to indicate on the printed out aerial view with a red X the places that need to be cleared or where minor demoing needs to happen before the building begins. This makes everything much more clear in the long run.

After this is done, indicate the boundaries, corners, fence lines, angles, and gates very clearly.

  1. Indicate Internal Fences

Next for your fence design in broken arrow is to designate and set apart certain areas within the build site of your property. Things like laneways, yards, grazing or cropping are good things to indicate. Ultimately, this will assist you in figuring out what the pressure level is and what kind of materials will help fix the issue. For instance, high pressures need more durability and posts, while low pressures don’t need as much.

What are you trying to do with the fence you are building? What is the purpose of your fence design in broken arrow? Put simply, a fence that is built can be gotten through in one of three ways. Through it, Over it or Under it. If there is a certain animal that you are trying to keep out, what are the characteristics of that animal? Is it a good jumper? A good climber? Or a good digger? The answers to these kinds of questions will be the main factors for choosing specific materials and products for your fence design in broken arrow.

If you follow the guidelines from these two tips, your fence design in broken arrow will be in a very good place and positioned for success. While saving money is a good thing, remember that quality matters in fence design. The better quality fence, the better your fence will operate over long periods of time. We hope these two tips have helped as you begin your fence designing journey!

Fence Company in Broken Arrow | Claremore’s Fence

Are you looking to add a new fence to your property? If it’s privacy you are hoping for, need to mask a street view, keep your dogs safe, secure your pool or keep pesky critters out, there is always a solution that your Fence Company In Broken Arrow can take care of. Here are some of the benefits of building a customized enclosure for your property.

Benefits To Adding A Fence To Your Property:


Fence Company in Broken Arrow

When talking with your Fence Company In Broken Arrow, a good reason why you want a fence is to gain more privacy for your home. A good way to achieve this is to have little to no space between the boards of your fence, or a closely spaced lattice with some nice climbing plants to fill in the gaps.

Make sure you take some time to measure around your property so you get the optimal height for your enclosure. Any Fence Company in Broken Arrow will appreciate these details when helping you construct your privacy wall.

Keep Out Wind    

Another great benefit to talk to your Fence Company In Broken Arrow about is a fence that would be built to keep out or shield from nasty winds. In order to maintain a great view and keep the light in your space is to choose glass as the primary material. If you don’t have a nice view to maintain, any material with little to no gaps will help keep out the wind. It’s a good idea to keep height in mind as well. It needs to be a few feet higher than the highest point where people will be standing.

Blocking Street Views

If you live in a busy city, suburb or neighborhood and want some peace and quiet, the first place to start is consulting a Fence Company In Broken Arrow to find the right fence. With a fence like this, it might be nice to let some light stream in, so having some gaps between the boards could be a really good thing. Another thing you could do is have a lattice style fence and get some plants to grow upward to fill in some gaps, but still let the light in. Test out some of these options to see which one works best for you and your space.

Dog Enclosure

Do you have a dog that can sometimes get a bit out of control? Maybe a fence is exactly what you need. A few questions to start with when consulting with a Fence Company In Broken Arrow are: How high can your dog jump? Do they try to escape every time you open the fence? Depending on how small or large your dog is will determine the adequate fence height. If your dog likes to dig holes, you might want to consider making the fence go a bit underground as well.

Those are just a few things to consider, but we hope you find them helpful. Consult your nearest Fence Company In Broken Arrow for more information!


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With Summer just around the corner, you are probably looking forward to enjoying the pool that has been covered up all Winter! However, one thing you might have looked over when you first installed your pool or as you are planning to install one, was how to have proper Broken Arrow Fencing around it. When making plans to build an in-ground pool, you definitely want to think about your Broken Arrow Fencing options. 

Due to safety regulations that prevent animals, children and other individuals from drowning, this is something that more and more people need to pick up on entering the Summer holidays. If you don’t observe the proper requirements, you could possibly get penalized. To help you avoid that, here are some requirements that you need to know when pursuing Broken Arrow Fencing around your pool.

Pool Fence Facts To Think About: 

Broken Arrow Fence

Private and public pools have different requirements. Regardless, these things are important and need to be recognized and followed all the time. If you aren’t sure about some of these things that are listed below, please contact your local Broken Arrow Fencing company for more information.

If your pool you are installing goes deeper than 18 inches, you MUST install a fence around it. Depending on what county or state you live in, there are specific measurements that you are supposed to follow for private and public pools. When preparing for your Broken Arrow Fencing, there are many different materials that you can use. Materials like Glass, wood, aluminum, and mesh are all great options. 

If you want a masonry wall to go over the height of 3 and a half feet, you are going to have to get an additional permit in addition to getting one for installing the pool initially. However, if it’s just a fence around your pool built out of mesh, chain link, wood or iron, you don’t have to get another permit. Check with your local building codes about Broken Arrow Fencing just to be on the safe side and to keep you from messing anything up too bad.

The Broken Arrow Fencing around your pool needs to be 4 feet tall at the very least to make sure that a pet, child or another person can’t just hop over it so easily. You can go over 4 feet, just not under it. In addition, you will also need some kind of gate which is the main entrance and exit point with a latching device to be installed at least 54 inches from the ground to make sure only an adult can access it. Even with these things, just installing a fence and gate isn’t enough to keep your pool area completely safe. You will want to make sure you read up on guidelines for having a pool on your personal property.

To wrap things up, make sure you always do the research on what the building codes are for your certain area. If installing a fence around your in-ground pool is something you are considering, you should also check with a local building inspector or your local Broken Arrow Fencing Company for more information. Happy building!



When it comes to playground equipment: slides, swings, and markings, it’s important to know the history, the safety, the cost, and all of the other things that go into making a park a great place for children to play confidently with their friends. As parents, it’s helpful for us to know how safe these pieces of equipment are and what you should expect when taking your children to the neighborhood or city park.

It’s especially important to know about the playgrounds that belong to the schools your children go to. How do we know that the parks that are created in schools, are safety regulated and have all of the proper necessities that make parks safe? As parents, we hope that this article can be insightful for you and give you the confidence you need to drop your children off at school with no worries attached.

Here is everything you need to know about essential school playground equipment:


School Playground Equipment: Slides, Swings, & Markings

Slides are essential to a park. You can’t have a park without a slide, just like you can’t have a burger joint without servers serving you fresh beef off of the grill. It just doesn’t work. If you have a park without a slide, can you even call it a park? Slides are essential for the fun your child can have while playing.


No one truly knows when the concept of the slide was created. It can be sourced back to hundreds of years when communities from different cultures used ice to slide down hills and mud slides to create opportunities for fun. An example would be cultures in the Northern Hemisphere using ice slopes as a way for quick transportation or engaging with children.

The first slide was invented by Charles Wicksteed in 1922. He is known for creating the Wicksteed Park in the UK after the Great War. Charles Wicksteed was a Unitarian minister and was known for engaging in the anti-slavery movement. He also co-founded the Leeds Education Society. Charles Wicksteed earned the title of slide inventor.


It’s no mystery that parks often lead to accidents. The National Safe Kids Campaign has reported that 200,000 children, under the age of 14, experience injuries while playing at a park every year. These injuries can often be bone fractures, bone breaks, concussions, and more. This is mostly due to children playing on park equipment inappropriately, especially slides.

Who is responsible for these accidents? This answer is: everyone. While it is up to the slide designers and builders to properly construct a slide that is up to safety regulations, it is up to the parents, teachers, and guides to instruct the children on how to properly play on these pieces of equipment. And, of course, it is up to the children to listen.

The types of misuse behavior on slides can be on how a kid goes down a slide, on how a kid climbs up the slide the wrong way, and how children use the slides under poor weather conditions.

One thing that is critical is having playground cushioning in order to prepare for the inevitable. Have you ever played in a park that is grounded with concrete alone? Ouch! Accidents will happen, and children, unfortunately, will often fail to listen to their teachers, parents, or guides. Investing in the proper playground cushioning is critical for accidents that are bound to happen.


The pricing of slides varies per type of slide. Slides that are plastic are the most affordable.

Flat slides can be anywhere from $400 to $800 depending on the height of it. Wavy slides are even more expensive. They can be anywhere from $700 to $1,000. For slides that curve at a 90-degree angle, they can be anywhere from $800 to $1,200. You can also have elite slides that come with gates or impressive arches that range from $1,200 to $3,000. Double or Triple slides can be anywhere from $800 to $1,200. And tunnel slides, our favorite, are the most expensive slides that are out there.

There is no right or wrong slide. There are only slides that are best for you and your children.


Swings are the backbone of our parks. Swings make children feel like they are free and flying. When a child experiences freedom on a swing, they feel at one with the wind that blows around them. We have never seen more smiles, than smiles that are on swings. This is why swings that are properly designed and used are critical for a child’s fun and safety at a park.


The concept of the swing has been around for centuries. Swings came out of nature itself when people used vines and trees to experience this enlightening sensation. One of these natural swings is the lianas, also known as the creeper plant, found in the subtropical forest called Aokigahara near Mount Fuji.

The concept of the swing has evolved over the centuries and has not only been used for fun but also luxury and common living. Some of these swings include the tire swing, rope swings, baby swings, porch swings, canopy swings, hammock swings, tandem swings, and even Kiking that is a sport played mostly in Estonia.

Swings have been around longer than we can date, and they aren’t going anywhere. That is why it is important for parks to continue utilizing them as a main feature, and why it is important to teach proper swing functionality.


Just like the slide, swings have led to various injuries amongst children over the years. As it’s up to the creators and developers to install swings at proper safety regulations, it’s important for the adults to teach kids how to properly swing, and for those kids to listen.

Some of the important things we need to teach our children is to:

  • Swing with hold hands holding on to the chains.
  • Not walk behind or in front of a moving swing.
  • Avoid jumping off of the swings while it is in motion.
  • Avoid standing or kneeling while swinging

The parents or guardians should always inspect the swing for loose bolts, and steady capabilities before allowing a child onto a swing. The concept of safety first is not intended to prohibited fun, but allow fun to be expressed at its full capacity without injuries being involved – which is not fun at all.


The cost of a playground can be anywhere from $8,000 to $50,000. It’s easiest to calculate this number by estimated how many children will be using the playground at a time and calculating around $1,000 per child in use.

Swings can be anywhere from $1,000 to $12,000 depending on the type of swing set and the number of swing sets per playground. Just like the slide, having a swing set is critical for a playground to achieve a full level of fun. Swings are important to this fun, and this is why we encourage you to invest in swing sets while planning on executing the proper techniques of swinging that will keep every child safe and having fun.


Playground markings are what give every playground its unique look and feel. All playgrounds are designed around a specific theme. It could have a pirate ship as its main attraction, or it could be designed around the theme of a jungle. Children make memories at playgrounds and playgrounds with memorable markings are what stick to a child’s brain.

The cost of each playground determines on how aggressive you want to get with your theme and how many attractions you plan to have. And when it comes to safety, common sense is usually a key ingredient on how to appropriately approach a playground with unique markings. While unique and custom markings are a rising trend between playgrounds, keeping the phrase “Safety first” will be critical for every child to have a memorable experience at their playground.

These are the reasons why you should consider investing in school playground equipment such as slides, swings, and custom markings. We believe having this knowledge will provide you insight on why it’s important to consider safety while encouraging fun for your children.


What Is Teletherapy? | Complete Guide

We live in a fast-paced world with no signs of it slowing down. The very foundations of how we communicate are being affected more quickly than we can update our status, upload a photo, or send out a tweet. The field of therapy is not immune to these changes and is needing to change along with the methods of the times we live in. That’s why Teletherapy has been showing up more and more in the industry today and is changing things for the better. 

What Is Teletherapy?  

Teletherapy, otherwise known as telepsychology, e-therapy or distance counseling, points back to any kind of counseling or psychotherapy being distributed by telecommunications technologies. This kind of communication includes video conferencing or phone platforms. 

What is Teletherapy Guide

While some people conclude that teletherapy combines the best means of communication with the traditional practices of counseling for the best possible result, you might still be left with questions about this new method. How does it benefit the patient and how does this affect the counselor? Do I need to be tech-savvy to use it? Don’t you lose the personal touch by relying solely on technology? These are all great questions to ask, and a lot of people are asking the exact same things. 

With that being said, here are some of the benefits for both patients and therapists looking into Teletherapy:

Benefits of Teletherapy For Patients: 

  • Flexibility Of Appointments

With a busy schedule, it can be extremely difficult to squeeze in the time it takes to commute from the home or office to an appointment, and then make it back again without some part of your personal life taking a hit. Teletherapy eliminates this problem by allowing you to fit the appointment into your schedule at your convenience, protecting you and your family life. 

  • Flexibility Of Location

Offices and waiting rooms can cause anxiety in and of themselves. Why not take advantage of the unique opportunity to have your therapy session anywhere you want? From your bedroom, home office or even alongside a loved one, it’s as easy as picking up the phone and dialing in from wherever you are at any given moment. 

  • Ease For First Time Patients 

Are you uncertain whether or not therapy is for you? With Teletherapy, the choice is in your hands to continue your appointments, or end them after a couple of attempts with ease and without embarrassment. This method gives you the ability to test out the waters of therapy while not worrying about whether you should or shouldn’t discontinue. 

  • Anonymity 

If you are shy, or hesitant about attending an appointment in person, Teletherapy gives you a healthy way to avoid that. Talking on the phone or seeing someone on a video chat is way less intimidating than meeting someone face to face. Tele-therapists understand that there is a comfort to certain levels of anonymity. 

  • Safety And Security

Most Tele-therapists utilize the latest video or phone conferencing technology which is highly encrypted. These methods are much more safe and secure than typical means of communication. With precautions like these, you can be confident that private information stays private and protected. 

  • Less Appointments Missed

Teletherapy is so preferred, secure, and consistent, that fewer appointments are missed. Not having to commute, or carve out more space in a schedule means that the patient is able to be on time, every time, all the time. This helps both the patient and the therapist in the long run. 

Benefits of Teletherapy For Therapists:

  • Remote Living For Therapist

Teletherapy provides a special benefit to the therapist by allowing remote flexibility. With enough clients, the therapist could live in any location, or travel at any time of the year. With this kind of technology, the options are limitless. 

  • No More Commuting Hassles 

Having to deal with traffic, distance and fuel costs is not so great when you have to make the commute every single day. For a Teletherapist, these problems are in the past. Call or video chat your patients from the comfort of your home office, favorite coffee shop or even while sitting outside on a beautiful day. When you compare the two options, it seems like a no brainer. 

  • Flexibility In Schedule 

When you schedule so many appointments with patients to meet at an office, there are bound to be complications. Anything from scheduling conflicts, appointments running long to patients not showing up for their allotted time. If you are a Teletherapist, you will find that patients are more likely to stay consistent with their appointments, conflicts are avoided, and there is better communication between the Therapist and the patient. 

  • No More Hassles Of A Physical Location

Maintaining an office space can be extremely difficult. Being a tenant of a building, or even sharing space can sometimes be a disaster. Not to mention all of the costs associated with being in that kind of environment. As a Teletherapist, you can easily avoid the hassles of needing to be in a physical location. 

  • No More Exposure To Illnesses 

When flu season rolls around, the last place you want to be is in close proximity to people who have been exposed to it. Being in small spaces with other people can potentially cause a lot of problems when it comes to staying healthy. Teletherapy allows you to easily have an out to these types of concerns in your own practice. 

  • Gives The Therapist A Different Perspective 

Hearing certain problems or stories over the phone or over video chat can provide a completely new perspective for the therapist. The comfortability that both parties are feeling can lead to more open and honest conversations that could have otherwise taken weeks to get to. 


So if you were maybe a little bit skeptical about what Teletherapy was or if it provided benefits over traditional methods, we hope you found this information helpful. Remember, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to pursue Teletherapy. 

Teletherapy is purely just a new and improved method for delivering something that was already great in the first place: Good Therapy for people who need it.